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Sessions & Investment

All our techniques are safe for everyone, including babies, children and the elderly. Sessions are warm, comfortable, and completely non-invasive and painless. We start with an chat about what you would like to work on, and then begin treatment with a series of gentle muscle tests. When treatment is finished, we will go over actions for you to take at home – nutritional advice, exercises or natural remedies for example. A typical session lasts about an hour, while an initial session can last an hour and a half or more. Investment: Initial consultation (£75) Consequent sessions (£55) Please note that any relevant nutritional supplements will be charged separately.


We consider your unique physiology, history, and lifestyle to help create wellness, as the root of a problem may not lie in the same area as your symptoms.


Kinesiology is a form of natural healthcare, which uses muscle testing to identify imbalances and blockages/drains that are causing health issues within your body.

First we identify these imbalances using muscle testing, which is gentle and non-invasive. Then we correct them using specialised lymphatic or acupressure massage, nutrition/dietary recommendations, electrical balancing and emotional work.

Nutritional advice

Every time we eat or drink we are provided with an opportunity to either nourish and heal our bodies, or create a sequence of events that can adversely impact our health.

Chemicals and pollutants are also bombarding our bodies and food at levels never seen before.

We offer nutritional advice ranging from personalised dietary advice for weight loss and well-being, to supplementation and herbal combinations to support your lifestyle and health issues.

Bush flower therapies

Flower remedies are very powerful in helping us understand and resolve emotional issues such as stress or self-limiting patterns of behaviour. You will experience significant changes, both emotional and physical as you take your remedies, and a sense of harmony within.

In a session, we will typically have a discussion to understand what emotional and physical issues may be online for you, and validate these with emotional and/or kinesiology techniques. This will be followed by the identification of the right blend of flower remedies for you.

Tapping techniques

Tapping techniques are based on the principle that emotional upsets affect the body’s meridian or energy system. This is an example of how our emotional well-being has a direct impact on our physical health. Tapping techniques such as the Callahan Technique, which we offer, is a simple healing programme, which helps you respond differently to difficult emotional events, ongoing stress/trauma or fears and phobias in your life.

Workshops and training

We are happy to offer private or corporate workshops on a regular or ad-hoc basis, customized to your needs. We address a niche need in terms of training employees how to take better care of themselves in accessible and effective ways. This helps their well-being at work, looking after their families, stress levels and overall sickness rates. Topics such as ‘Stress Management techniques’, ‘Improving learning in Children and Adults’, ‘How to Avoid a Cold this winter’ and ‘3 life-long supplements for better health’ can be adapted at your request.

Kinesiology Training – Foundation

In Spring 2018 we will be running a Kinesiology Foundation Course in London. The course provides a progressive introduction to kinesiology, and is perfect for both beginners and therapists/healthcare professionals to integrate with other modalities. The course assumes zero knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and physiology. Click here to find out more >

The course will be running on these Sundays in 2018:
February 4th & 18th, March 4th & 18th, April 8th & 15th, May 6th & 20th, June 3rd & 17th, July 8th & 22nd.

Intensive private Foundation Courses can also be organised for those who wish to complete the course over a shorter period or live overseas. Please contact Saadia at 07721764601 should you with to organise an intensive course.

About Saadia, practitioner at Haven

I combine knowledge of nutrition, supplements, herbs, food sensitivity testing, emotional healing techniques and gentle structural realignment – to help improve existing health issues and prevent future ones.


I have always been passionate about health. However my path to complementary medicine and in particular Kinesiology was not a straight one.

My academic studies and background led me into a successful and global career in Financial Services. Consequently I have a real empathy for the intensity of a corporate career and our present busy lifestyles.

My own lifestyle choices led to my experiencing many emotional and physical health issues, ranging from feeling tired all the time and burnout, to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and even fertility issues, failing personal relationships and childhood traumas.

I found myself suffering in silence and struggling with conventional medicine and prescriptions.

Natural therapies, especially Kinesiology, completely transformed my health and well-being for the better, without the side effects and with a better understanding of myself and how to care for my unique own unique physiology.

This personalised approach and empathy are what I now offer as part of all the treatments that changed my own life, having re-trained for this wonderful path of helping others feel better. I now write extensively on natural health, participate in training sessions for others, run workshops and of course my own practice – I have not looked back since!

I look forward to sharing good health with you.

PS: We welcomed our first baby in January – a kinesiology miracle which I thought would never be possible!

Nutritional supplements

Here at Haven we can help you improve your health and well-being using the highest quality, organic nutritional supplements. There many options available. For ease of ordering, recommended Nature’s Sunshine supplements, ASEA and RENU28 are available online. For all other specialist ranges, we can arrange for your orders to be posted to you directly, or available in our rooms for easy collection.

I myself have a daily programme of supplements that keeps me at my best, a practice which extends to my family, friends and of course clients!

In treatment sessions, I regularly adapt and customise each person’s programme to their ever-changing bodies and needs in treatment. For example you may need therapeutic doses of vitamin C or Zinc when you are coming down with a cold/flu, but when these phases have passed, or the situation has changed, your body may suggest that a different vitamin, herb or micronutrient is what it needs, such as a daily dose of Vitamin D or Magnesium, which 90% of people are deficient in daily.

Ranges used include Nature’s Sunshine, Nutriscene, Higher Nature, Cytoplan, Nutri and Metabolics and are identified based on your own unique physiology.


We are based in Crystal Palace/Thornton Heath, South London. If you would like to get in touch, please call 07721764601 or email info@havenkinesiology.com